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AR Translation App

For a university final year module called Emergent Technologies I developed an Augmented Reality and Geolocation application prototype using Unity. The app helps users discover locations and translate the information about them as well as with AR it translates product names and suggests contextual sentences.

My Role

UX Designer and Developer


An interactive prototype for an Augmented Reality Translation App

Video Demo

The app utilises a Unity plugin called Vuforia, this enables the product recognition feature so when a product is recognised it triggers the product information to show in a UI element. The geolocation is done in a similar way but with a custom C# script that compares a set of pre-defined location co-ordinates to the devices location and if the device is within a set distance it shows the location information within the UI. The app was then exported to an APK and installed on an Android device for testing and demonstrating. 

Low Fidelity Prototype

Wireframes created in Adobe XD.

High Fidelity Prototype

Further developed prototypes made on Adobe XD.