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Arabesque Temperature Score


This was the main project I worked on during my month long design internship at Arabesque Asset Management. It is a landing page to support the release of the new S-Ray feature, Temperature Score and many elements of my original design were used in the final build that were published on the 24th of September.

My role



Landing page design for new product launch


I created a design for the entire page using Adobe XD, this started with a wireframe and then I developed upon that with graphics created in Adobe Illustrator. The main aim of the page was to explain what temperature score was in a visually interesting way, present a video explaining the feature and also have some infographics at the bottom of the page to visualise some data. Based on feedback there were a number of iterations of the page with varying layouts and colour schemes before the final version was reached.


When I started working on this project there was already some marketing material for the Temperature Score release so I used that as inspiration for the Graphics in this page. All the graphics and diagrams were made on Adobe Illustrator and then imported into Adobe XD.

Final Build

Once we were satisfied with the final design we passed it onto the in house full stack developer to build the website. This sending an annotated version of the design as well as exporting individual assets in web friendly formats.