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Covid Safe Travel App Prototype


This project was part of a 2 week rapid ideation session/design jam for the first module in my UX Design Masters. I designed a Covid Safe Travel App Prototype that would enable and improve post Covid-19 travel.

My Role

UX Designer


An interactive prototype for a Covid Safe Travel App

As part of my first module in my part time masters we were tasked to create a prototype/artefact in two weeks. We were given a loose theme to follow but the overall goal of the project was to practise our rapid ideation skills and give us the freedom to create what we want.

The idea behind the app is linked to my love for traveling which as for many has been put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I decided to take this problem scenario and ideate about how technology could be used to enable safer travel in the future. The key area I focused on is a travel planner that generates suggested trips for the user that are safe, as well as a companion that keeps the user informed on what they need to do before traveling and the latest guidelines and restrictions.

This was also one of the first projects that I completed on Figma. Previous to this I generally used either Adobe XD or Sketch however I wanted to expand my software repertoire and since this project Figma has actually become my wireframing tool of choice.