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Between July 2017 to July 2018 I was a Production and Operations Intern at The Walt Disney Company within the Disney Interactive department. My role involved producing and updating web content for the Disney.co.uk website, as well as the other regional websites across Europe, Middle East and Africa. This involved working on IP’s such as Avengers, Black Panther, Mickey & Friends and ShopDisney.

My role

Production & Operation Intern


Successful web campaigns driving revenue to the movie, shop and parks business


To promote new movie releases showcase pages were produced for the website, this involved bringing together text copy from the marketing team, assets from the creative department and tracked links from the analytics team. These pages also had to be localised for all the EMEA regions.

Avengers Infinity War Showcase Page

My role in building the Avengers Showcase Page was building the first draft featuring placeholder assets, copy and tracked links. I then had to update the page once the final assets were delivered by the creative team. I also contributed to localising the pages for the other regions as well as publishing and updating the pages when ticket pre-sale launched.

Black Panther

As the Black Panther showcase page was already published when I was brought onto the project my role was adding and updating the product feed and product grid of DisneyStore products which involved adding new assets, tracked links and text copy for multiple regions.

Disney Shop and Articles

My main role within the Disney Interactive team was to contribute to the shop page and related articles. The shop page was a weekly updated page that included new and featured product promos. This was also the portal to shop articles which would focus on specific IP’s, product categories and seasonal promotions.


The development process for shop page updates started with a planning meeting that would look at upcoming Disney Store releases and marketing focuses and based on that information decide on the page content. Based on that meeting a draft page would be created with creative assets being added once completed. With the assets, copy and tracked links added the pages would be localised and scheduled for publishing.


Articles followed a similar development process however with a number of articles I was given the freedom to head the planning. This gave a lot of creative freedom which I enjoyed and a number of articles and features were published that I planned and produced.


For the below 3 updates I was the main producer working on the Pandora showcase pages which involved updating the page with new assets and images and communicating with stakeholders ensuring the page met the promotional requirements.


I was heavily involved in the planning and production of the Mickey90 showcase page to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday in 2018.

Disney Inspired

During my first 4 months working at Disney a large amount of my time was spent planning and producing content for Disney Inspired which was a family focused Disney website that has now been sunsetted. This website used WordPress as it’s CMS opposed to a bespoke CMS and also gave more opportunity for me to demonstrate my Photoshop abilities with the majority of the posts I built and published having images I’d edited using supplied assets.


This is a range of family focused articles I produced, the content was from other Disney websites and the hero image and page was created by myself.

Disneyland Paris Quiz

To promote the Season of the Force at Disneyland Paris I was tasked to create a quiz for the French website using the legacy Disney Inspired CMS. This involved using the quiz module and communicating with a DLP stakeholder in France to meet the requirements of the project.

Disney Channel and Franchise Website Sunset

This was a bitter sweet project as it was on of the first big projects I worked on at Disney however it involved communicating to visitors that the Disney Channel and other Franchise websites were being shut down. The aim of this was to forward visitors onto other platforms such as the Disney Channel App or YouTube channel. I contributed with the asset creation for both the Disney Channel and Disney XD websites as well as adding and publishing all the modules to more than 80 websites across 15+ regions.