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A side project I had while working at Disney was assisting with the Mobile and Games team developing their html games. These were franchise specific games created on prebuilt game engines that required assets to be added to and mechanics to be adjusted to improve gameplay.

My role

Game developer


Two sets of Disney themed games available to play at Great Ormond Street Hospital and Westfield Shopping Centre

Great Ormond Street Hospital

This was a fantastic project to work on, as part of a the games and mobile team we developed games for a new Disney underwater themed play area at Great Ormond Street hospital for children to play on during long stays at the hospital. These were html games that were interacted with on large touchscreens and I specifically worked on Ariel Treasure Trove, Dory Pairs and Under the Sea Puzzle. Being thanked by children staying at the hospital was the highlight of this project.

Disney Play World Westfield

This was a similar project however it was Mickey themed and for shoppers children at Westfield shopping centre. The games were made and interacted with in a similar manor and I worked on Mickey Race, Monkey Mayhem and Picture Perfect.