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Playerstate is one of Activate Studio’s portfolio of start-up companies. It is a platform for video game players to create content for their favourite games and earn rewards for doing so. I am currently the only designer on this project which has allowed me to have full control over the platform’s UI & UX as well as conduct all user research, user testing and user journey sessions. One of the first projects I worked on for Playerstate was to design all the mobile layouts for the platform. Platform features I have worked on are admin tools, messaging, and new versions of core functionality such as explore and challenges. I am also responsible for handing off all designs to developers and reviewing work once built.

My role

Product Designer


Quickly growing platform gaining further investment and industry interest


A key issue that I worked on for Playerstate was creating all the mobile designs for the platform. This turned out to be very important as the majority of users for Playerstate are now accessing the platform from mobile devices.

Admin Tools

As well as creators a key user group of Playerstate is studios and influencers who can create challenges to engage with their communities. To help admins manage challenge submissions easier, especially when there is a large quantity, I created a bulk submission view. This allows to apply tags, feedback and rewards to multiple submissions at once whilst also viewing the details.

Create submission

A simple create submission design was created to give users a visual way of building and previewing their submissions before submitting. This was to replace a modal that user testing demonstrated as being a very frustrating and difficult experience.

Marketing Website

I re-designed the marketing website to give a clear insight into the different benefits of using Playerstate as well as trying to be as transparent as possible of the look and functionality of the platform through imagery. Adding a preview of the explore page at the bottom of the page allows users to click through and access communities or challenges that may interest them before signing up to Playerstate.