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On my YouTube channel, I create videos about technology, creativity and lifestyle. After not uploading to my channel for 5 years in the Summer of 2020 I starting creating videos once again. In the past, I have worked with different brands including Vodafone, LG and a number of mobile accessory brands. This work has developed my video production, video editing and stakeholder communication skills.

My role

Writer, producer, videographer and editor


4,200 Subscribers and 1.7 Million total upload

Productive Day in my Life

A video documenting a day in my life during lockdown that includes my full time job, part time studies and video production.

Inside The New Amazon Fresh Shop in London

In this video I document my experience of visiting the new Amazon Fresh Shop in Ealing, West London.

Google Pixel 5: 6 Months Later Review

A technology review video looking at the Google Pixel 5 6 months after its original release. This includes A roll video of myself talking in front of camera and B roll video of the product.